Young & Ambitious

Created in the beginning of 2021 for people who want to explore and push themselves beyond their limits. When we started with the idea of making duffle bags for everyday use, we didn’t expect that this mission became a big obsession.

We wanted to make duffle bags which are convenient for everyday use when you have a day filled with activities. For example, if you have to get up early in the morning to go an important meeting in a very serious outfit, but also want to workout and see your friends and family, you need different outfits. 

While creating these duffle bags we explored that there was a whole lot more than just creating a bag. We wanted top quality pieces that last for a long time but also have that business-style look.

After experiencing that people are in need of business-style luggage pieces we have created the Essential suitcase. A luggage piece that suits perfectly for a week of business meetings or just a relaxing vacation.  

Now we are constantly reviewing new options with new products to serve more happy customers but better.

Serious & Fun

At Groweece we value the balance between being serious but also having fun in the work. We want to inspire people to get the maximum out of their day and also enjoying the journey.

That is why we want to help people who are ambitious and ready to explore more about life.